Our Work

Each project we take on is an opportunity to hone our craft and tell our client’s story in a way that fits their individual needs. No two stories are the same so why should they look, feel, and sound the same?


Nestlé Global Families

Nestlé Global Families

Saving Giraffes : The Long Journey Home

National Geographic

All Things Considered


Meet Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Virginia Department of Health

Safety Activities

During Covid-19, families needed fun and safe activities. We partnered with the American Red Cross to showcase how powerful imagination can be.




As energy use in the average American home rises, Arcadia is revolutionizing the way Americans buy electricity. As a result, they’re also one of the brightest signs of hope in our fight against climate change.

#nbbc Patagonia


Patagonia is an outdoor apparel and equipment brand perhaps best known for their corporate values. One of those values is that they are “Not Bound by Convention (#nbbc).”

Introducing the Leticia Platform

The Inter-American Development Bank

Working with the IDB and the Paulson Institute, this video utilizes photo collage elements paired with a rich color palette. This results in elevated visuals that feel sophisticated and professional, while also being rooted in nature.

Nestlé Stories

Nestlé USA

Nestlé highly encourages collaboration and empowers their employees to think outside the box. Using Zoom-recorded interview audio, we brought some of those stories to life.

PLOS Personalized


As a nonprofit, Open Access journal, PLOS calls upon its dedicated members to share their peer review history, methods and data, and preprint protocol - all to better the communities they serve.

Gavin title frame

A Boy Named Gavin


This is a story about a boy named Gavin. Gavin Grimm had been fighting against a discriminatory bathroom policy that segregated transgender students from their peers.

An Inventor’s Journey

Politico Focus & Ericsson

The inventor’s journey is never a lonely one. In this piece, Mark Harrison and Christina Petersson narrate how the importance of intellectual property protections sustain innovation. Nothing is impossible - We just haven’t discovered it yet.

The Andantes: Motown’s Secret Blend


Motown music had a secret sauce to what made their music iconic : The Andantes. Watch and learn of how these three women were the core pillar of the Motown music era.

Introducing PLOS


Breaking boundaries. Empowering researchers. Opening Science. These are the pillars that PlOS grounds themselves on, and it speaks volumes to how dedicated they are in being advocates for science and science-folk.

Prepare with Pedro

When an emergency happens, it's important to know what to do. Prepare with Pedro is a preparedness education program for youth featuring Pedro the Penguin.

Wireless Spectrum


The global race to 5G is on. We teamed up with ISL to create a colorful piece on what spectrum is, why it’s important, and what it means for the future.

Mergers & Acquisitions

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Mount Vernon – The Story of an American Icon

The Story of an American Icon

Pushing the boundaries of horizontal timelines, we created an educational video for the ongoing exhibit at the Mount Vernon estate.



Palmetto helps homeowners get started with solar. They calculate energy savings and environmental impact, while finding the best size of solar energy system for their home and manage the process including: permitting, interconnection, installation, i

Combating Climate Change With 5G

We partnered with January Third and CTIA to create a video on how 5G helps us build a better, more connected world while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Resolve To Save Lives


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Motion Brand

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

We took the U.S. Chamber of Commerce design and created a motion brand.


Biden for President

With the November election fast approaching, we were contacted by Biden for President for a campaign spot that was authentic and original.

You’re Not Helpless

The National Academies

When it comes to bullying in schools, teachers are on the front lines, and it’s hard for them. We wanted to connect directly with those teachers that are desperate to help their students but struggling with how to help.

Prospects: The Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians

We collaborated on a spotlight series for E-sports team Golden Guardians to tell the origin stories of some of the team's rising stars.

How Ads Work


Have you ever wondered how your webpage knows exactly what advertisements you need to see? How specific ads are shown to you is actually quite simple.

CNAS Explainer Series

Center for a New American Security

For many of us, news headlines may feel daunting. Political assassinations, military conflicts, national security breaches - It’s easy to fall into disillusionment. For CNAS, understanding these issues is their passion.

An illustrated figure facing a mountain of blocks with the words "Financing", "Stigma", "Misconception", and "Restriction"

Medications for OUD Save Lives

The National Academies

Opioid use disorder is a chronic disease and there are medications that can help make this addiction manageable. This is one mother’s story in the fight against opioid use disorder.

A collage of medical imagery. Medicaid is spelled out in the center.

Medicaid Expansion

The Fairness Project

Since the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion has been a controversial topic. We worked with DC-based The Fairness Project to show that Medicaid expansion in Florida and Missouri would help hundreds of thousands of people get access to care.

The Workspace of Tomorrow


The pandemic of 2020 redefined everyday life for society in more ways than one. For the future of the workplace, changes must be made.

A character drinking tea in the middle of a crowd of angry people

The Story Of Us

National Geographic

We are one human race made up of many cultures, religions, and histories. Despite these differences, there may be more things that bring individuals together than divide them apart.

Volkswagen Ralleycross Series

Global Rallycross


The Red Bull Global Rallycross is all about high energy. It’s a high adrenaline sport and the fans expect that level of energy. For the Volkswagen media channels, we wanted to do something that reflected the energy of the sport.

Protecting Payment Choice

720 Strategies

Protecting Payment Choice

Everybody Can Be A Superhero

American Red Cross

After an emergency happens, children can have feelings they aren’t sure what to do with. We created a video to help youth handle these emotions.

A cat with its claws stuck to a tablecloth



Accidents happen - Even to green cats. To encourage people to sign up for healthcare, we decided to set up a few scenarios that showed that accidents can happen.

Institutional Strategy Update

The Inter-American Development Group

Every 4 years, the IDB Group goes through an institutional strategy process to set goals and policies. The goal of this video was to summarize that process and introduce high-level strategic concepts to IDB Group staff.

A dollar sign made of medications

IOM Affordability – Making Medicine Affordable

The National Academies

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine put together a consensus study on actual evidence-based policies and practices that can reduce the cost of prescription medication.

A collection of paperwork with notes and images

Preventing Sexual Harassment in Academia

The National Academies

The National Academies produced a report on actual evidence-based techniques, interventions, and policies that can prevent sexual harassment in an academic setting.

Reproducibility & Replicability

The National Academies

There's a lot of science being thrown out into the world, and oftentimes can be conflicting and complicated. Especially in the time of COVID-19, how do we as the general public process the vast amount of information readily available?

Adolescent Health

The National Academies

There’s a lot to be said on teens and risk taking. By providing adolescents with communicative spaces where they can ask questions and speak openly about their risk behaviors, opportunities for growth and learning can be fostered.