The Workspace of Tomorrow

WeWork & Axios

The pandemic of 2020 changed the definition of everyday life for society in more ways than one. This is particularly curious for instances where community and collaboration is not only important, but vital to success – the workplace. While only 3.4% of people worked from home before the pandemic, now it’s more than half. For the future of “the office”, changes must be made to adapt to the new way we operate and interact with one another. Axios Studios came to us to help explore what that could look like moving forward.

We wanted to make sure we stayed true to WeWork’s style guidelines but also create something a little different. We landed on a style that captures a sophisticated tone through neutral color blocking and gold accents. This sophistication balances against fun, quirky textures and bold, gradient color fills to create an overall professional look with personality. Drawing inspiration from architectural blueprints and WeWork co-working spaces, this style focuses on modular designs that will have dynamic push-pull in motion. In doing so, we capture the sense that WeWork, and office spaces, are ever-changing and evolving.



Axios Studios

Creative Development

Duke & Duck

Art Director

Katie Trayte

Project Manager

Tarisa Shelton


Shuhan Teoh


Dave Ellington
Mike Mirandi