Golden Guardians

As long time fans of League of Legends and followers of e-sports, we’ve always had an eye on the gaming community. So when the Golden Guardians approached us on building an origin story for some of their rising stars, we were more than excited to join the team. From taking inspiration from actual gameplay footage to recreating narratives from pre-recorded interviews, inspiration to create for the Golden Guardians brand was everywhere.

Golden Guardians are 1 of 10 LCS (the highest level competitive league in North America) teams. Since they were relatively new compared to their legacy counterparts, the team needed to establish a stronger brand reputation. In addition, building player recognizability was important as well – They were fielding an entirely new roster, with 3 rookies and one import player from Argentina. Our job was to introduce the players in a visually and narratively interesting enough way to demand attention despite the lower profile of the team.


Art Director (Client)

Crystal Au


Tarisa Shelton
Alex Herder

Art Director

Katie Trayte


Mon Nguyen


Victor Verdugo
Conner Troxclair

Video Lead (Client)