Prepare with Pedro

American Red Cross

When an emergency happens, it’s important to know what to do. Prepare with Pedro is a preparedness education program for youth featuring Pedro the Penguin. Inspired by the preparedness education program from the American Red Cross, we created a song-filled video series featuring Pedro the Penguin. By bringing this book character to life, we hoped to reach younger audiences through quirky, catchy tunes.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, there were a few obstacles to overcome while working on this series. Casting and directing children, song-writing, new software, and collaborating with multiple animators across various scenes led to the series we would love to know as Prepare with Pedro. By adapting storybook characters and imagining up new scenarios, we were able to depict relationships and friendships to help tell Pedro’s story to audiences young and old.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck

Series Director, Producer, Writer

Mike Capbarat

Animation Direction

Conner Troxclair
Hannah Churn

Art Director

Hannah Churn
Katie Trayte

Illustration & Design

Eri Hashimoto
Mon Nguyen-Vo
Katie Trayte
Hannah Churn


Guilherme Gurian
Todd Churn
Tom Mathieson
Conner Troxclair
Diane Shaher

Character Rigging

Bianca Duffeck
Sarah Zattar

Music Designer

Andrew Ecklund

Sound Designer

The Chicken