Palmetto Solar


Palmetto is a growing sector leader looking to gain momentum, and that meant dispelling confusion around solar and overcoming homeowners’ resistance to making the change to using solar power. Key barriers included a lack of understanding of solar panels and their benefits, a lack of awareness or interest, concern about the cost of making the switch, and concern that the process would be complicated. These worries could easily be put to rest and the benefits of solar power quantified within the Palmetto platform, but reaching homeowners with all of the barriers in place had proved difficult.

Solar has historically relied on door-to-door or in-person sales, with many consumers becoming suspicious of heavy-handed sales pitches and a lack of transparency. 

By moving all or part of that experience to an online platform, Palmetto is decluttering the process, creating a more direct, transparent, and self-guided alternative. With this model, it is crucial to have answers on hand so homeowners can quickly get the information they need as they’re guided through the process.

Duke & Duck took on the challenge of educating Palmetto’s prospective customers, understanding that the focus would be on showing how simple and beneficial the switch would be, thanks to Palmetto. In order to bring interest and to explain a potentially complex topic in an easily comprehensible way, we knew that an explainer video series would be a perfect fit.

An explainer video is a short video that breaks down a complex topic into simple points with dynamic visuals. In this case, an explainer video could show homeowners how the Palmetto platform could simplify and facilitate the process of getting their home running on solar power, and demonstrate the benefits of doing so.

The series of two videos address 2 needs: The “why and how” and “what’s next?”

The first video starts with the benefits of solar power, and  how solar power works. We walk through how a homeowner can easily obtain a solar power system through the Palmetto platform. 

First, we use animation to show how sunlight powers a home via solar panels and how a battery can store energy during times without much sunlight or during power outages. Second, we remind viewers about the potential savings and specifically mention the existence of government incentives for using solar power. Finally, we show how easily a homeowner can get started with solar power by using the Palmetto platform.

The second video in the series focuses on what happens after placing your order with Palmetto. With a significant amount of money on the line, many customers struggled with the ambiguous timelines and various government approvals they had to go through and this video sets their expectations, leaving them more comfortable and spending less time calling the Palmetto support team. The same style and format were used for this video as for the first video, maintaining the brand image and showing the connection between the two videos. Overall, the two videos together served the purpose of showing customers that Palmetto makes converting your home to clean energy simple.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck


Mike Capbarat

Art Direction

Katie Trayte


Moises Oliveira