Just Listen | All Things Considered


In a world of constant choice, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else make the decision. That’s just what NPR’s All Things Considered does – curating the day’s news and culture just for you. Now, there’s a brand new visual campaign to match. With cel animation, lots of fun textures, and a gorgeous color palette, this work of ours is a collaboration we’re so proud to share. So take a break from all the choices and tune in to our video for All Things Considered. It might just be the best decision you make today.

From Paolo to Dean, we’ve got quite the crew of cabinmates. Taking inspiration from NPR’s awesome color palette they handed over to us, we ran with the creative direction to come up with a dynamic, diverse set of characters to include within the piece.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck


Aliyah Oestreicher

Art Director

Katie Trayte

Animation Director

Conner Troxclair


Katie Trayte
Conner Troxclair

Character Animation

Conner Troxclair
John Martinez
Stella Oei
Cal Benedict

Sound Design

The Chicken