Nestlé Global Families Campaign


This production stretched around the world– literally! We developed the Global Families campaign for our incredible partners at Nestlé. Just in time for the holiday season, the campaign celebrates the Nestlé products at the heart of family traditions around the world. To authentically capture each region’s unique qualities, we built a team of global artists. Representing six different countries, (and timezones!), we invited each illustrator to bring their own background and personal style to their region’s spot. The result was a huge cast of characters and settings, each richly illustrating a different cultural market of the Nestlé brand. The individual styles are special and distinct, but the stories are cohesively connected by the core theme of family togetherness.

This project’s scale was monumental- and monumentally fulfilling. We’re so thankful for our team and proud to share the work we made together.

The campaign was made up of a 30-second hero video, six 10-second spots for social, and six 6-second ads. The number of deliverables required us to build a modular production plan. The 10-second spots were made up of three distinct scenes. These scenes could then combine to form the longer hero video, or reduce to create the shorter ads. This building-block story structure allowed the campaign to have a wide breadth.

Our global artists added special touches to the storytelling of each region. From the Egyptian feluccas, to the traditional Malaysian plate patterning, to the Colombian architecture, each 10-second spot takes the audience on a personal journey with the artist. The spots’ characters were brought to life by a team of animators, each thoughtfully creating the personal connections between each family member and their food traditions.

The custom score was brilliantly composed by our friends at Sanctus. They brought warmth and charm to the hero video’s musical narrative. This score was then customized to each 10-second spot, introducing new instrumentation specific to the culture of the region.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck


Aliyah Oestreicher

Creative Director

Katie Trayte


Hanson Akatti
Camille Bovey
Mariam El-Reweny
German Gonzalez
Lyn-Hui Ong
Eri Hashimoto
Katie Trayte

Animation Director

Conner Troxclair


Henrique Barone
Camille Bovey
Todd Churn
Greg Markman
Eleonora Stella Oei
Conner Troxclair
Dahui Wang


John Martinez

Pre Vis

Victor Verdugo

Sound Design