Patagonia is an outdoor apparel and equipment brand perhaps best known for their corporate values. One of those values is that they are “Not Bound by Convention” (#nbbc) when it comes to serving customers – meaning that their reps are encouraged to bend or even break the rules in order to make sure customers have a great experience. We brought some of those stories to life in order to lift up the kind of service Patagonia expects from their people.

Before engaging us, the team at Patagonia had recruited stories from their staff and we worked with them to pick three that would stand out as mini animated documentaries. Anyone who knows the brand knows that Patagonia is first and foremost authentic. Almost all of their imagery is beautiful, untouched photography and video, but we knew that these stories would fall flat if we did a standard interview + b-roll treatment.

The #nbbc campaign creative direction relies on a few key factors to convey an authentic-feeling story:


Creative Development

Duke & Duck

Creative Director

Alex Herder


Tarisa Shelton

Art Director

Dave Ellington


Dave Ellington
Hannah Churn
Katie Trayte

Sound Design

Chris Mastellone

Patagonia Lead

Grant Enloe