Institutional Strategy Update

The Inter-American Development Group

Every 4 years, the IDB Group goes through an institutional strategy process to set goals and policies. The goal of this video was to summarize that process and introduce high-level strategic concepts to IDB Group staff. Since the IDB Group is a multilingual organization, with members from a diverse set of cultures and backgrounds, we needed to develop a way to feel “native” to each audience member but not alienating to any.

We needed to marry all individual parties of the IDB Group in order to abstract their overall strategy. This approach was centered around creating an abstract world where the IDB Group could be centralized as one activation. Therefore, the rollout of the Institutional Strategy was a huge beast. This video is really the top of the funnel in terms of awareness of the strategy within the organization. It is meant to be ubiquitous (social media, in-office display screens, embedded in presentations, newsletters, etc.) and needed to be attention getting and flexible in terms of the kinds of messages conveyed. 

“Working with the Duke and the Duck team (D&D) was exhilarating. It was not really work at all but, rather, we shared a great deal of fun, laughter, and creativity.  The D&D team are consummate professionals who are able to grasp concepts and turn them into eye-catching and meaningful videos and images. D&D collaborated with us on the messaging for a new institutional strategy. The resulting images and videos are mesmerizing and draw the viewer into finding out more. D&D are excellence personified!”

— The IDB Group Team


Creative Development

Duke & Duck

Creative Director

Alex Herder

Production Manager

Tarisa Shelton

Art Director

Cory Sutter


Victor Verdugo

Sound Design

Chris Mastellone