Antarctic Krill

Residing in the depths of the far-off Antarctic ocean, there swims one of the most important heroes in the global carbon cycle – Antarctic Krill. Weighing in at just about 2 grams, it’s surprising how these small creatures could possibly pack a punch in our fight against climate change. Yet, their greatest weapon is something even more peculiar – their poop.

We needed to make a video that took the science seriously but didn’t get bogged down by academic language to the point that it became uninteresting. Basically, we needed to make a complicated concept accessible and engaging to a wide range of audiences. The mixed media, faux stop motion approach that we chose struck that balance between stodgy and silly. It’s organic, it’s approachable, but it also holds enough polish.

This video is a love letter to an animal that most think is pretty gross-looking. So, the most critical thing we had to do was nail the character design. It had to look cute and endearing while also clearly a krill. Part of that comes from the geometric structure of all of the elements throughout the video, but the animation of the krill really brings it’s character home.

Similarly, carbon was an interesting “character” to represent. We talked around the idea of showing chemical compounds to equations but decided on a more visual approach. Unlike the other “elements” in this video, this one is an actual element and so we wanted to break the pattern of using realistic and geometric forms to show carbon.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck

Creative Director & Writer

Alex Herder


Tarisa Shelton

Art Director

Hannah Churn


Dave Ellington
Victor Verdugo

Sound Design

Chris Mastellone