As energy use in the average American home rises, Arcadia is revolutionizing the way Americans buy electricity. As a result, they’re also one of the brightest signs of hope in our fight against climate change. By empowering their members to choose clean energy over fossil fuels and big power companies, Arcadia works to advocate for a greener future with the American public.

Arcadia’s business model is surprisingly simple. So simple, in fact, that one of their biggest objections is that customers feel that it seems too good to be true. People didn’t really understand how they did what they do, and why it doesn’t cost anything. They needed a suite of videos that would introduce and explain to their audience what exactly they did, how, and how easy it is for customers to get involved.

Arcadia came to us with the goal of explaining the fundamentals of their services to prospective customers through an explainer series. With the videos being hosted on their website, it was important for the art direction to feel authentic to the brand. We worked to translate their existing brand guides into a sophisticated, illustrative style that helped to broaden the Arcadia visual world.

After creating a visual style, we worked to craft a compelling, informative story. With the
product being an app, we wanted to make sure we didn’t spend all of our time in a digital space. Inviting the viewer into outdoor scenes helps to reinforce Arcadia’s environmental initiatives, while neighborhoods and and cityscapes represent the real-world community of Arcadia users.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck


Victor Verdugo
Dave Ellington

Creative Director & Writer

Alex Herder

Art Director

Katie Trayte


Tarisa Shelton

Sound Designer

Chris Mastellone