An Inventor’s Journey

Politico Focus & Ericsson

The inventor’s journey is never a lonely one. While one individual may make strides in exploring new technological frontiers, there will always be someone who made it possible by taking their own leap of faith in the same way before. In this piece, Mark Harrison and Christina Petersson narrate how the importance of intellectual property protections sustain innovation. Nothing is impossible – We just haven’t discovered it yet.

We worked with Politico’s sponsored content group, Politico Focus Studio, to create a piece in partnership with a telecommunications company, Ericsson. This piece was originally thought up as a live-action documentary about innovation, Ericsson’s support for inventors, and the importance of intellectual property. Since the camera crews were not able to film due to COVID-19, we decided to pivot to an animation treatment.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck


Mike Capbarat
Rebecca Moore

Project Manager

Tarisa Shelton

Script Writer

Kate Silver

Art Director & Design

Katie Trayte

Lead Animator

Victor Verdugo

Character Animators

Dave Ellington
Dirk Jan Haarsma