The Bulldog Group

Sometimes the secret to success is too good not to share. While The Bulldog Group is a group of independently operated companies, they decided to provide their methods with the world. With AggDirect, a unified marketplace software for aggregate trucking services, the logistics app provides the most efficient platform to get materials from site to site, conserving time and resources for all involved.

The Bulldog Group needed a clear and cohesive way to communicate who they were and what their technology offered. AggDirect had a logo and preferred color scheme, but we needed to establish branding and digital assets to build trust and recognizability. We created motion branding as well as custom iconography to heighten their digital presence, as well as gain audience insight and research target customer profiles. By providing style and branding guidelines, AggDirect could make sure that all future software would follow easily in suite with their existing assets.

In addition to the video, we helped develop a new website that was inspired by the original video we had completed. We needed to make sure we were catering to both of the established target audiences, customers and truckers, and provide clear information on how to get involved. By striking the right balance between the aggregate industry and clearly also a technology solution, we designed and built a new look and feel for their website presence.


Creative Development

Duke & Duck

Creative Director & Writer

Alex Herder

Production Manager

Tarisa Shelton
Cynthia Kim

Art Director (Video)

Joseph Le

Art Director (Website)

Katie Trayte


Dave Ellington
Joseph Le

Sound Design

Chris Mastellone

Web Developer

Hunter Ricks