Notes from the Duck Pond

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2022 Team Retreat

Our 2022 Retreat We’ve been a remote studio since 2020. In that time we’ve been able to grow and add some extremely talented people across

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Women in Animation

Women in Animation Women have made a significant impact in the animation industry, and it’s important to celebrate their work. Some of these women are

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How to Get Your First Job in Animation/Motion Graphics

Animation is a diverse and wonderful industry to work in. You can work in big-budget movie studios, gaming companies, content shops (like Duke & Duck!), and many, many, more places. Regardless of where you land, the day-to-day life of an animator can seem like a dream come true. That’s especially true for people who grew up doodling and conjuring fantastical stories because, most of the time, that’s the job. 

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10 Tips for Writing Effective Explainer Scripts

Scripts for movies, plays, and visual media are very different from other kinds of writing. They’re designed from the beginning with a performance in mind, not to be read. Explainer scripts are more specialized, which is why our team has put together this guide on writing compelling animated explainer videos.

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Behind the Scenes: Pixar’s Burrow

Before joining Duke & Duck, Senior Producer Mike Capbarat worked at Pixar for 12 years and produced the Oscar-nominated short Burrow. It was Mike’s first producer credit and it had a tight timeline and budget compared to traditional Pixar shorts. It is a major accomplishment that has informed his approach to projects today. 

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