We’re Duke & Duck.

Duke & Duck is a DC-based creative content studio with a passion for storytelling. We believe that absolutely everyone and everything is worth celebrating. Stories are at the core of our humanity and, through animation and motion graphics, we work hard to reach the hearts and eyes of your key audience.

As an intentionally small core team, we highly respect and care about who we work with. We genuinely find what you’re doing interesting, and we value our relationships with clients and partners. We’re constantly inspired by different ways to tell a story, and driven by the desire to tell good, impactful ones.

Alex Herder
Co-founder & Creative Director
Aliyah Oestreicher
Brandy Kostick
Executive Assistant
Conner Troxclair
Dave Ellington
Co-Founder & Animator
Eri Hashimoto
Greg Markman
Animation Apprentice
Hannah Churn
Art Director
Hannah Saidiner
John Martinez
Motion Designer
Jojo Chongjaroenjai
Art Director
Katie Trayte
Creative Director
Katrina Deptula
Associate Producer
Megan Burke
Associate Producer
Mike Capbarat
Senior Producer
Nina Fomufod
Production Coordinator
Stella Oei
Animation Apprentice

Our Clients