The time-tested art of measuring twice and cutting once.

This may be a silly distinction to most people but to us there’s a big difference between a studio and a creative agency. Studios are production shops that either make what they want to see (TV shows, movies, etc.) or what they are commissioned to create. They may produce world class jaw-dropping work, but that’s the point–the work. A creative agency not only produces the work (that’s the difference between a creative agency and just an agency) but we also focus on the strategy behind it.

Who are we talking to, and what do we want them to do? How does this video fit into the larger picture? These are the kinds of questions we spend most of our time thinking about.

If you’re on this website, you’re probably thinking about producing a video to solve a problem. But if you’re not hiring someone who can help you figure what that problem is, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Our team here at The Duke & the Duck has collectively produced hundreds of videos since 2009 and that experience has taught us a lot. We have a clear and reality-tested process that will help us get into the minds of your audience so that we can produce exactly the right kind of content to get them to take action.

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