A mutant hybrid of PowerPoint and motion graphics... weird

If you’re in the world of corporate or non-profit communication, you’ve seen a lot of presentations. Some of them are really bad, but none of them jump out at you the way they should. Because when you ask someone to sit down and listen to your presentation, you’re asking for a lot. And when you waste that time with poor design and confusing imagery, it’s a real shame. That’s why we think integrated motion graphics are so cool. We take what’s best from our Explainer Videos, and we put them into well-designed presentations in Keynote or PowerPoint.

You control the pacing, you control the flow, but when you hit the “next” button on your remote, you’re not queueing up another cheesy star wipe transition. You’re unleashing the fullest potential of the presentation art form. Check out the example below (a keynote presentation for National Trust for Historic Preservation President Stephanie Meeks at the 2014 PastForward conference) and you’ll see what we mean.


If you’re giving a big presentation any time soon, show your audience something different. Tell a visual story that is both exciting to watch and authentically yours, because you are telling it.

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