A message for teachers

Client: National Academies of Sciences

When it comes to bullying in schools, teachers are on the front lines, and it’s hard for them.
We wanted to connect directly with those teachers that are desperate to help their students but struggling with how to help.

This visceral short combines an emotional teacher’s narrative with original choreography and rotoscoped animation.

AIGA50 2018 “Design for Good” Winner


Ric Cunningham

Creative Director & Writer
Alex Herder

Art Director & Storyboards & Animator
Joseph Le

Animator & 3D
Dave Ellington

Hannah Churn

Choreographer & Dancer
Lauren De Vera

2nd Camera
Alex Au

Music Composer
Chris Carlone

Assistant Music Composer
Daniel Howard Àlásong

Voice Actor
Bryan Kopta

Amy Phan, Charles H. Boyer, Cindy Hoang, Jarell Mique, Vinh Si Ngo

More about the client: Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice is the comprehensive report on the science of bullying. Learn more or read the report for free here.