A Collaborative Effort

Fired Up is a short animated film that depicts the origin story of President Obama’s famed “Fired up, ready to go” chant.

On a rainy day in June of 2007, President Obama found himself speaking to a subdued crowd in the tiny town of Greenwood, SC. He was exhausted, soaking wet, and beginning to doubt the whole campaign when a voice called out from the back, “Fired up, ready to go!”. The chant, started by one unassuming woman in a church hat, transformed the audience and went on to become a rallying cry in every corner of America.

With the audio of President Obama’s speech as the soundtrack, the film combines original animation by 13 artists from around the world.


Directed and Produced by Dan Fipphen and Elyse Kelly

Sequence directors (in order of appearance):
Emily Eckstein & Ege Alper, https://vimeo.com/user9347773
Alex Silver, http://www.thisisproductions.com/reel/
Lynn Tomlinson, https://vimeo.com/lynntomlinson
The Duke & The Duck, https://vimeo.com/dukeduck
Amy Lee Ketchum, https://vimeo.com/user6906005
Juan Camilo Gonzalez, https://vimeo.com/juancgonzalez
Musa Brooker, https://www.platypuspictureworks.com/
Miguel Jiron, https://vimeo.com/migueljiron
Sara Spink, https://vimeo.com/user692172
Lou Morton, https://vimeo.com/louisjmorton
Daniela Sherer, https://vimeo.com/danielasherer

Sound Design
Chris Mastellone, http://www.chrismastellone.com/