Motion Branding

Brand, meet video. Now kiss...

For an online audience, video is incredibly important. Because video is so easy to share, videos are often the first piece of content that someone encounters, which is why it’s paramount that videos match the organizational brand. When it comes to video, many organizations are leaving their brands behind, with inconsistent graphics, no guidelines, and every group or department doing their own thing.

In the last 70 years, branding has gone from an afterthought (a simple name, logo, and maybe jingle) to the most important thing most marketing departments do. Phrases like “on brand” or “brand personality” are now so common, it’s hard to imagine life any other way. But the reality is that behind every brand is a strong intention, and often a team of many people who have worked hard to make sure that every place the brand is being used is consistent. That is, until it comes to video.

So how can we help? Well, our motion branding process walks through the following stages:

  1. Discovery: We get into your brand and understand your audience so that the personality of your brand comes through in video just like it does for your digital and print content.
  2. Video brand guide: The most important part of our motion branding package. How to use the custom graphics and animated logo. How to interview. How to store/deliver files. Just give this guide to a video vendor (consider us!) and anything they produce should match your overall brand.
  3. Animated logo(s): This is the most obvious part of the motion branding package. We animate your logo! We can create variations for sub-brands, different lengths for different purposes, etc. Regardless of the approach, everything we do is custom and our focus is on making sure that the brand personality comes through in motion.  See our animated logo reel above for examples.
  4. Custom graphics package: Lower-thirds, titles, transitions, credits, etc.

See the whole shooting match in action! Check out this video case study on our motion branding work we did for the National Trust for Historic Preservation:


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