Duck School #5 – Romantic Relationships

Duck School #4 –  Myers Briggs Day!

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Duck School #3 – Male Archetypes~

Women’s March Recap

This weekend the Women’s March took place not just in Washington D.C. but all over the world! This isn’t news to anyone since coverage of the Women’s March was on just about every news channel. But we thought we’d share a recount of our own personal experiences at the march. Here’s the Duck recap of the Women’s March.


Erin’s Experience

erin-gotta-brand-new-hatLet me start by saying, The march was more amazing than I could’ve predicted! I couldn’t attend the speeches at the beginning because I volunteer at my yoga studio every Saturday morning. But after I finished my volunteer shift I went straight to the march.

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Duck School Day 2 – Female Archetypes

Welcome to Duck School Day 2

! Today we’ll be discussing female archetypes. Ok ladies now let’s get in formation!

First, let’s check out the heroines. These are the eight most common personality types belonging to female heroes. Note that the ones highlighted in orange are naturally extroverted and the ones highlighted by lavender are naturally introverted.


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Storytelling 101: Characterization #1


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Volkswagen Social Media Case Study

Video specifically created for an organization’s social media is a key component in content marketing. We thought that our work with Volkswagen was a prime example of social media content doing what it does best: building the organization’s pool of new customers and enhancing the experience for current customers!

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Filming 101– Video Interviews

Lights, Camera, Action!

So you’ve seen our live action videos and you want one of your own. You’re totally sold, but what to actually post? Crappy iPhone video can often make a worse impression than nothing at all.

No worries! The Duke & the Duck is here to help you out! Read our quick Filming 101 guide and take your first steps into the glamorous world of video interviews. This is a great read for non-professionals looking to film video. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet here are 5 helpful tips to shooting interviews on a budget!

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5 Tips to Phenomenal B2B Marketing

The word “marketing” has become such a buzz word in today’s professional world. The promise of being seen better and being heard clearer is so enticing that an article titled “5 Tips to Better Marketing ” gets clicks regardless of how useful the tips may be.

We at The Duke & the Duck have clicked and clicked again on those links and now we want to go beyond just “better” marketing. We want to be phenomenal. More than being a marketer, a B2B marketing representative is a relationship doctor, dare we say, a “friendship wrangler”? We rethought our approach to marketing and compiled 5 tips to PHENOMENAL B2B marketing, because “better marketing” is so 2016 and we’re ready for the future!


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Protected: Our Animation Process

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