Founded in November of 2009, The Duke & the Duck has always been about one thing: telling good stories. Whether for education, entertainment, or inspiration, stories are at the core of our humanity. Our name deliberately evokes this age-old obsession with stories by sounding like a fable, The Duke & the Duck, but without coming with the baggage of an already existing tale.

If you’re in the market for videos or animations, look no further. Here at The Duke & the Duck we love telling stories. We believe that absolutely everyone and everything is worth celebrating, and people tell us that our enthusiasm is infectious.

If you’re interested in telling your story in a way that appeals to the eyes of your audience (as well as to their hearts), get in contact and we’ll light a campfire and start telling your story today.

Alex Herder

Owner & Creative Director

I’m in charge of sales, marketing, and strategy. I usually write the scripts and tend to act as a combination of creative director, executive producer, and chief critic for everything we put out.

Dave Ellington

Owner & Animator

I act as a staff animator largely, but I have a knack for solving technical problems that need solving: Expression writing for AE, streamlining workflows, tinkering with xpresso in C4D, and figuring out how to use new software. I especially like fulfilling the role of zany foil to Alex’s poised dignity.

Ric Cunningham

Producer & Operations

I oversee project schedules, management, communications, and make sure the creative team has everything they need to get the job done and that the client is happy. I also handle invoicing, finance, payroll, sales, and anything else that comes up.

Hannah Churn

Motion Graphics Designer / Animator

I’m a pixel pusher and key frame mover. I work on the creative visuals of projects. Everything from art direction to frame by frame animation. I’m also an avid doodler of cats.

Joseph Le

Motion Graphics Designer / Animator / Video Editor

I’m a visual storyteller and open collaborator who brings the essence of concepts and scripts into life. I specialize in storyboarding, motion graphics, animation, illustration, and video editing. On the side, I like to make eccentric action films.

Tarisa Shelton

Production Coordinator

I work with the entire creative team by managing schedules and client relations. I specialize in details, organization, and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Xuiqi Wang

Motion Design Apprentice

I'm an animator and motion designer and I work here as motion graphics apprentice, After Effects is my friend.
Motion Graphics & Animation

Appeal to the hearts and minds of your audience