360° Video

Just like being there

Virtual reality is coming in a big way. And we at The Duke & the Duck want to be well ahead of that curve. So we’ve invested in equipment and man hours necessary to be first-movers in immersive 360 degree video for web, mobile, and headsets.



The key difference offered with 360° Video is what’s known as “presence” – the feeling of really being present somewhere other than where you actually are. The 360° format is ideal for video projects which present a story that relies heavily on place: Education, Entertainment, Real Estate, Automotive, Architecture, and Design have all been early adapters of this new and blossoming technology. And quite frankly, it’s just plain cool:



Because we’re founded on designing and animating compelling graphic effects, we’re uniquely positioned to marry stunning graphic content with 360° Videos and the results are magnificent. So whether it’s a “get-to-know-us” office tour or museum exhibit demonstration, or perhaps a live events or product demo, we’ve got ya covered.


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