Top 5 Animated Films to Watch on Earth Day

By 2017-04-22 Blog

Celebrating this year’s Earth Day is more important than ever. Today, thousands of people are expected to join the March for Science in DC and other cities all over the country. Whether or not you’re out planting a tree, campaigning for Green Peace, or just simply making an effort to be more conscious about recycling… here’s a list of our favorite environmental animated films that you should watch over the weekend. Enjoy!


1. Princess Mononoke

This is a classic Miyazaki fantasy period film about nature’s revenge against man’s recklessness with consuming natural resources. and In the film, a villager who is poisoned by a demonic virus, encounters a “princess” who was raised by wolves. They’re both caught in the middle of a war in between nature gods and the men of Irontown. It’s beautifully drawn and also the first Miyazaki film that utilized CGI (demon worm scene).
2. Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

This scene from Ferngully that features Tim Curry as Hexxus should be more than enough to convince you to watch this film. Hexxus embodies fossil fuels, greed, toxicity, and all things destructive against nature.


3. Lorax

This is a film adaptation on Dr. Seuss’s book, that follows a boy who tries to find a real tree in order to impress his crush. However, he lives in an artificial world and must confront the Lorax, guardian of the forest.

4. Bambi



5. Pocahontas

Definitely watch this movie just for the Colors of the Wind sequence. It beautifully shows the Native American perspective of the nature around us and how everything is connected.

Thanks for watching, and Happy Earth Day!


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