Inspiring women in animation, 2017 edition

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Happy International Women’s Day! All around the world people are celebrating the achievements of women, as well as bringing attention to issues still present.

In film and animation, women make up only a small percentage of the industry. In film, only 17% of women filled the roles of directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers (source). Animation is slightly higher with around 20% filling the creative roles (source) but that’s still not nearly enough. Going one more level into motion graphics, the stats are about the same. The Motionographer last year published a great article highlighting the gender gap in the industry that you should read.


We asked around the office for people’s top creative women who influence them and got some pretty awesome results.

Kei Acedera is a beyond-talented independent artist who does concept art, visual development and character design for film. Her work is so enchanting, expressive and sophisticated. When asked what she enjoys most about being an independent artist, her response is the “The creative freedom…it allows an artist to have the courage to explore and therefore become even more creative.”

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Mingjue Helen Chen: Another talented visual development artist is Mingjue Helen Chen. Her artwork is full of vibrant colors and beautiful designs. A lot of the scenes she creates for feature films such as Wreck it Ralph and Big Hero 6, really bring the worlds to life.  

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Rebecca Sugar: Most widely known for her show Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar is another awesome women to highlight. She became Cartoon Network’s first solo women show creator. Not only is she a talented animator and story artist, but she’s a pretty great musician as well.

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Cindy Suen: Happy, vibrant and cats are all words that describe the work of Cindy Suen. She is a talented illustrator, animator and GIF artist, whose work has been seen across the interwebs. Her GIFs are mesmerizing, as her animation style is so fluid. Let’s see how long it takes you to look away from this adorable GIF.


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Linn Fritz: Another talented animator and designer is Linn Fritz. Her artwork is the perfect example that less is more. The fluid movement of her animation, and her bold vibrant colors (and the addition of some cats…we may be cat biased…) leaves you wanting to see more of her art.

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And last but not least we want to highlight our very own animator/illustrator/art director, Hannah Churn! She has a positive and playful mind which is reflected in her work.

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Having diversity, not only in gender, in the creative process is important on so many levels. It allows the story to be told in a different light and from different perspectives. We obviously didn’t highlight all the awesome talent that is out there, and would love to hear your favorite! Tweet us or send us a note telling us which creative women inspire you.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the awesome creatives out there!


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