Friday Faves – March 24, 2017

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This week, we’ve gathered an eclectic mix of animation and live action work that features a wide range of talented animators! Sit back and enjoy this playlist filled with nostalgia, unique storytelling, and education about learning disorders.


Frances – Grow
This beautiful and sophisticated music video, created by Le Cube, follows a woman who is slowly fading away while she ventures around the city. In the end, it has an important message about domestic violence. Making Of video:


Longing for Wilderness
360 videos are usually a hit or miss, but this piece stands out in particular with its immersive grittiness and moody atmosphere. This piece takes you on a ride through a noisy city and into a deep dark forest with rich sound design.


Toonami 20th Anniversary
Simon Wilches-Castro brought together a bunch of stellar animators together to create a tribute to Toonami, the network that brought over Japanese anime to Cartoon Network. It’s eclectic with many surprises and a joy to watch. We’re a big fan of these collaborative animations, and even participated in one that centered around one of Obama’s most infamous speeches:


This is perhaps one of the must unique animated shorts that we’ve seen in recent memory. It’s about a cow tipping the balance of destiny.

Dyslexia PSA
Wendy Eduarte made this PSA that shows what it’s like to read while having Dyslexia. She masterfully choreographs the text to fragment apart and somehow link to the next phrase. Definitely check this one out.


That’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed this week’s inspiration list.
Have a great weekend.


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