Friday Favorites – March 17, 2017

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Welcome to Friday Favorites, our new weekly blog post that highlights some of our favorite animation, film, and motion graphics work that we’ve recently stumbled upon. It’s a short and sweet curated collection with the goal of inspiring others to get their creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

1. PowerPuff Girls “Arm Rasslin”
Kicking off this week’s playlist is Benjy Brooke’s TV spot for the 2017 season of Powerpuff Girls. It begins with Buttercup arm wrestling a forklift truck… and then all of the sudden, Brooke reveals many more fearsome opponents with a long tracking wide shot that juxtaposes with the beginning anime-esque quick cuts. Diggin’ how each baddie has their own unique character design and animation.


2. MTV Ident
Directed by Masanobu Hiraoka, this crazy abstract/organic 2D animation reminds me of this horrifying ending scene in the movie, Akira. Enjoy!


3. Hikkikomori Infinity Room
Oscar Hudson and Pulse Films created this mesmerizing “one-take” music video for Bonobo’s “No Reason” song. Hudson draws us in by making the video into one long dolly shot. The camera goes through an infinite series of Japanese rooms that bend reality and perception. This behind the scenes video blew us away with how they constructed the set. Spectacular.


4. Ruben Leaves
Frederic Siegel’s animated short film is a psychological thriller that follow’s Ruben’s road to insanity that merges reality with “increasingly absurd scenarios.” Really diggin’ the minimalism here with the 2D animation style and simple sound design.


5. Dunk Flip Run
Once again, Radio kills it with another fun sports-heavy animation that contains their signature dynamic angles and fluid transitions.

That is all for our weekly inspiration so far! We hope you enjoyed this first collection of many.
What are some of your favorite videos and animations that you have stumbled across this past week? Aside from our Anti-Bullying PSAof course!


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